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We are certified by the IFS system

The process of elaboration and bottling of our wines is determined by a multitude of parameters, whose rigorous control will determine our success. For this reason, we understand that in order to grow as a company, we must equip ourselves with the necessary tools that demonstrate our capacity to offer the consumer safe and quality products.

This tool is the IFS standard, of which we have just been accredited by the competent control bodies. The continuous implementation of an IFS system is and will be a comparative vision with uniform quality criteria translated into a real continuous evaluation of the state and image of our company, identifying strengths and weaknesses, which will help us as a base to pursue the true process of improvement.


Ego Bodegas, among the companies that grow the most in the world

For the second consecutive year, EGO BODEGAS sneaks into the ranking published by the Financial Times of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. A ranking that takes into account the most innovative companies, with high growth and greater importance of the European economy in the XXI century. The company is in the 289th place. According to the directive, the values ​​fostered among the young staff of the company of tenacity, perseverance and constant improvement have made this possible. Ego Bodegas, has an investment plan for 2018 of nearly € 1,000,000, all with own funds and an increase of 20%.


ProWein 2018 – Hall 10 / Stand A158

We are looking forward to March, as another year we will move to the symbolic city of Düsseldorf to attend ProWein, one of the best international Wine Fairs. This great fair organizes one of the biggest showcases in the world of the Wine Industry and we have the honor of being part of it. The fair is going to be held on 18th, 19th and 20th March and you can’t miss the chance to come and see us in Hall 10 – Stand A158. Do not hesitate to stop by and enjoy our wines. We’re waiting for you!


The quality of a wine is not only a matter of months in barrels

The European Vegetarian Union has given us its certificate, recognizing as vegan all the wines of our winery. One more step that marks our growth and rewards the effort and love for what we do. Because our wines are an experience full of details that sometimes are not seen but felt. Details that make a wine a great wine, and a winery a great winery.



Time to change

Time to change. The quietness and tranquility that was perceived a few days ago when we went out at sunrise to take samples of ripening of our vineyards, is very close to its end. In return, we will enter full in vintage time. We expect great and small moments shared by the Egobodegas team. Feelings of illusion will be mixed at the entrance of the grape, of concern looking at the sky, of responsibility in the fermentations, of surprises and disappointments in the devatting and of satisfaction of being able to carry out the work that we love. “One, two, three, now … time for change.”


Ego Bodegas Harvest 2017

The physiological process of the plant occurring when the grape changes colour is called “envero” (ripening). It’s a very important moment within the control that is done to the vineyards along with the flowering and the ripeness pre-harvest. This colour transformation is caused by a change in the metabolism of the plant.

Up until this time the vine has devoted itself to growing in length and the grains of grape in cellular division. At this point the plant now prioritizes the accumulation of substances that come from photosynthesis, and the bunches of grapes begin to change colour; from green to red in the red grapes and from green to yellow in the white varieties. The oenological quality of our future harvests depends on the synthesis of these numerous substances and are the compounds responsible for the colour, aroma and flavour of our wines.

From this moment on, the work in the vineyard should focus on keeping the plant balanced and healthy, enabling the efficiency of the sun’s uptake to translate into an increasing concentration of substances in our grapes. We will work very hard to achieve it and we will be able to enjoy the outcome of this great year together.