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Ego Bodegas Harvest 2017

The physiological process of the plant by which the grape changes color is called “envero” (ripening). It is a very important moment within the control that is done to the vineyards along with the flowering and ripeness preharvest. The color change is caused by a change in the metabolism of the plant.

Up to this moment the vineyard has devoted itself to grow, in length the vine shoots and in cellular division the grains of grape. At this point, the plant now prioritizes the accumulation of substances that come from photosynthesis in the bunches of grapes and green color change to red in red grapes, and green to yellow in white varieties, is due to the synthesis of many substances of which depends the wine quality of our future harvest. They are the compounds responsible for the color, aroma and taste of our wines that are coming in this vintage.

Starting from now, we will focus on maintaining balanced plant and that the Sun acquisition efficiency translates into increase the concentration of noble substances. We will work very hard to achieve it and be able to enjoy together the outcome of this great year.


Fenavin 2017 – Street 19 Stand 12

This May you can meet us in FENAVIN, the most important wine fair in Spain, and one of the most prestigious from all over Europe. It will be a pleasure to receive you at our stand and show you our wines. We look forward to seeing you there.


Our soil

The soils where our vines grow are loose, which favors a good aeration and that the root system can be extensive and deep. From its clay-limestone composition, yields in our plots are fairly contained and regular each vintage, the clusters are small and uncompressed, and the grains are small and very concentrated in noble compounds that will pass into the wine.

In addition, these light-colored floors and the presence of stones on their surface increase the reflection of light during the day and make the temperature cooler at night in the area where the clusters grow, favoring their slow maturation without the risk of sunburn or the excessive temperature increase that may impair the varietal expression of our wines.

Finally, being situated on a hillside without an excessive slope and northeast orientation, the sun exposure is increased, avoiding at the same time the waterlogging and the erosion, which favors a balanced and perfect vineyard growth for the production of high oenological quality grapes.


Goru 18M. Great gold in Catavinum

Our GORU 18M has been this year the only wine of D.O.P Jumilla awarded the Great GOLD in Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition, becoming one of the 15 best wines of Spain.

We have also enjoyed a gold medal in our wines Infinito, Goru 38 Barrels, Strength, Goru Monastrell, Talent 12 Months and Marionette.


Spring, closer and closer

At this time of year, our landscape has a beautiful white and pink color, thanks to the blossom of the almond trees, which predicts the arrival of spring.

These trees fill the landscape with life, replacing the green of the inactive vineyards.


Talento 12M

Our best talent is to take care of every single detail, and from one of these details Talento 12M was born, an ideal wine to share and enjoy every moment. Settle in the North of Jumilla, with 900m of altitude, the vineyards have the perfect climate conditions during all the year.


We take care very carefully the elaboration of this wine in order to transmit the true essence of the Monastrell. This intense colour wine with delicate black fruits smell is an ideal partner for a great variety of smoked meats, fishes and cheeses.