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More than 3.000 hours of sunshine a year


The climate in the region is continental influenced by the Mediterranean in the east and by the plateau of La Mancha in the west.

The sunny and arid climate receives more than 3.000 hours of sunshine per year; it is one of the driest wine areas of Spain.

The little annual precipitation of 300 liters per square meter is the average rainfall of the latest years.

Like in the South-East of Spain, Jumilla is an area regulated by the climatic complexity, where the contrast is obvious: Summers are hot and winters are cold; extended drought and violent torrential precipitations.


This climate allows us to obtain small bunches with a good concentration of sugar, excellent acidity and thicker peels. The grape is harvested by hand in 15kg boxes, then they pass through a selection table that allow them to enter in the winery practically entire.


Speak about the Denomination of Origin Jumilla means speaking about the MONASTRELL grape.


The MONASTRELL variety is the best adapted grape to the climatic and soil conditions of this denomination, and gives the character to the wines.


This variety represents over the 80% of the vineyards of this denomination.

Monastrell Jumilla local variety


It is a sunny and arid climate with more than 3.000 hours of sunshine per year.


Winters are cold, reaching minus zero temperatures. Summers are hot, exceeding temperatures of 40º.


The temperature differences between night and day are very marked, which benefits the cultivation of a great quality grape.