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Ego Bodegas, (Jumilla, España 2011).

Far from what is considered the norm in this sector, Ego Bodegas is not the culmination of a rich tradition inherited by its owners. Nor was it the result of a burning desire to develop the marvelous vineyards or a mission to learn about the amazing world of wine. Instead, it was born out of its partners’ passion and effort, what people call “Talent” – the name of their first wine – who are united and committed, personally and professionally.

Santos Ortiz, of Spanish origin, and Ioana Paunescu from Romania, started from scratch in 2011, “con palicos y canicas” as they say in the region. This means that they were short of financial resources, but had an extraordinary talent for creating wines and coordinating financial, marketing and sales department. “We launched a Project doing the opposite to what the books tell you or what you see in the industry.

From TOP TO BOTTOM, we built the winery from the roof down, and not from the ground up, with one clear objective: SALES AND PROFITABILITY, targets which, when achieved, would guarantee the future of the Company” The idea was simple: to achieve a balance between the three concepts of Quality - Image - Price and then buckle down to work. Two years later ( 2013 ) good design, good pricing and even better wine have allowed us to gain a foothold in over 30 countries.

Aſter almost 6 months looking for a place to set up, they fell in love with a spectacular farm in an area known as the carpenter’s place, an elevated area of bunkers which had everything they wanted – it was high up so they could enjoy the beauty of the landscape and surrounded by their vineyards (Monastrell), which are well cared for and older than their combined ages.

Since then, everything has happened so quickly. We have consolidated our business, we have learned a lot and we make what we think a good wine should be; one which allows you to enjoy whatever accompanies it, whether it is good food or good or bad company, a wine which does not stand out but does not fall short because its virtue lies in the happy medium between two extremes


well-equipped facilities to start a project

To ensure the wine making process is clean and safe, we continually strive to have the best technology available. This means our winery is equipped with modern facilities that improve quality and efficiency.

Located just a few kilometers away from the historical city of Jumilla, the winery has 35 hectares of vineyard, housing mostly native varieties like Monastrell.

Since the beginning we have taken a contemporary twist on wine-making, and combined traditional methods with modern techniques. Our grapes are fermented separately in steel tanks, with capacities ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 kilograms.

We spare no detail in delivering consistent quality in our exquisite wines, not only ready to drink, but able to improve along the years.


nature, dedication, selection to ageing

The founders of Ego Bodegas have been bound to the wine world for more than a decade. They are fascinated by the land with the magical combination of its soil and native grape variety, Monastrell.

For ten years, they have devoted themselves to find the best vineyards and obtaining the best fruit possible, to make the liquid that as Socrates said, brings us a sweet joy

Each bottle of wine from Egobodegas carries the principles on which the winery was founded upon: Ego, Talento, and Infinito.

Ego : The concept of I
Talento : The ability to perform and carry out a task
Infinito : The power to dream without borders

These three words also gave name to three of our wines, that sum up all our actions and reactions, goods and wrongs of our short existence


commercial office

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30507 Molina de Segura
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