Environmental Policy

Egobodegas, with 10 years of history in the production of white, red and rosé wines, has established sustainable environmental performance and environmental protection as a priority objective. To this end, it works to achieve continuous improvement in favor of preventing pollution, reducing the environmental impact of its activity and the products it puts on the market, and compliance with legislation, regulations and other environmental requirements.
Through this document, Egobodegas establishes the basic principles for the achievement of its environmental objectives:

To seek the protection of the environment, reducing the damage and degradation of the natural environment caused by the activities and products of Egobodegas and taking the appropriate actions to prevent contamination.
Base our lines of research and development of new products on sustainable and environmentally responsible models, through the use of new, more efficient and productive technologies.
To seek the conservation of resources, promoting the saving and recovery of materials, water and energy in our production processes.
Promote the separation and correct management of waste, through waste reduction systems, and in particular, by improving systems for reuse, recovery and maximum use of metal waste.
Properly manage the discharges caused in our winery.
Control and reduce our emissions to the atmosphere, applying the pertinent measures and providing the necessary information to the competent authorities.
Comply with the requirements of the existing legislation and other requirements that Egobodegas subscribes in environmental matters, keep them up to date and evaluate the degree of compliance.
Provide appropriate training to our staff and motivate them to develop good environmental practices, promote through adequate information and staff awareness that the fulfillment of the work, tasks and responsibilities of each one is carried out in an adequate way with the protection of the environment.
Communicate this environmental policy to our workers, suppliers, subcontractors, etc. and make it available to other interested parties.
Integrate applicable environmental considerations into all business decisions and activity planning, and into the criteria applied to measure the results of the company’s management.
Both the Management, as all the people in the organization, are responsible for the correct development of the Environmental Management System. Therefore, the established environmental objectives can only be achieved with the support and collaboration of all.
Through distribution to all levels of the organization and environmental training and awareness, it will be ensured that the Environmental Policy is understood and accepted by all staff.