Goru 18 M

Goru 18M


We select the best grape from our 50-year-old low production vines, located at an altitude of 900 meters. We harvest the grape at their optimum moment in an
artisanal way in boxes of 15 kg. We conduct separate vinification processes for each variety.

Monastrell Pie Franco
Petit Verdot

Goru 18M

Tasting notes

From the beginning, it produces an engaging repertoire of aromas, perfected by the perfume of sweet cherries and rose-water, with highlighted notes of chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla. Followed by a rich mix of succulent fruit-driven flavours which fill the palate, sparked by the nuances of spices, wild strawberry, and pear. The long perseverance at the end, which is gripping, alluring, and lingering, is the identity of this iconic wine.


Red meats, wild meats, sirloin with foie and black fruit, caramelized meat, goose, roasted lamb, Iberian cold meat, stews, blue cheese, cured goat and sheep cheeses.

Serving temperature

Alcoholic strength

  • Harvested by hand
  • Selected vineyards


Protected Designation of Origin


2016 - Wine Spectator - 92p
2016 - Guia Peñin - 92p
2016 - AIWC - Gold
2015 - Cwwsc 2019 - Great Gold
2015 - Guia Peñin - 91p
2015 - Wine Spectator - 91p